Military Time Zones

Military time zones help to differentiate time in different areas of the world. Each time zone is assigned a letter from the NATO phonetic alphabet. There are a total of 24 military time zones that correspond to an incremental time difference from Zulu time (UTC).

Military Time Zone Map

The map below shows the different military time zones and their corresponding letter in the phonetic alphabet. To use the map simply find the country and trace your finger down to the letter below. You can use the military time zone chart above to remind yourself how to communicate each letter.

A world map of military time zones
A world map of military time zones

Military Time Zone Chart

The table below shows the character and name of each military time zone names alongside the time offset versus Zulu time. The military time column shows the military time in each time zone at 0000Z.

CharacterNameOffsetMilitary Time
ZZulu Time Zone 0000
AAlfa Time ZoneZ+10100
BBravo Time ZoneZ+20200
CCharlie Time ZoneZ+30300
DDelta Time ZoneZ+40400
EEcho Time ZoneZ+50500
FFoxtrot Time ZoneZ+60600
GGolf Time ZoneZ+70700
HHotel Time ZoneZ+80800
IIndia Time ZoneZ+90900
KKilo Time ZoneZ+101000
LLima Time ZoneZ+111100
MMike Time ZoneZ+121200
NNovember Time ZoneZ-12300
OOscar Time ZoneZ-22200
PPapa Time ZoneZ-32100
QQuebec Time ZoneZ-42000
RRomeo Time ZoneZ-51900
SSierra Time ZoneZ-61800
TTango Time ZoneZ-71700
UUniform Time ZoneZ-81600
VVictor Time ZoneZ-91500
WWhiskey Time ZoneZ-101400
XX-ray Time ZoneZ-111300
YYankee Time ZoneZ-121200

The letter J — Juliet time zone — is used to indicate the observers time zone. So for example to record the military time where you are right now, you might write down 0000J.

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