What is 11:06 PM in Military Time?

11:06 PM represented on a regular clock and an unknown time on the military clock

Why use Military Time Instead of 11:06 PM?

Military time was created to minimize confusion when telling the time. It helps to clearly distinguish between 11:06 pm and 11:06 am. For example if a meeting begins at 11:06 it’s not immediately clear whether that means 11:06 pm or 11:06 am.

How to Convert 11:06 PM to Military Time

1. Determine if 11:06 pm is before or after midday

We can tell this by looking at whether the time is followed by am or pm. P.M. is an abbrevation of post meridiem, which is Latin for after midday. That means 11:06 pm is after midday.

2. Calculate the hours and minutes since midday

Before we can convert to military time we need to know how much time has passed since midday. At 11:06 pm we know it is 11 hours and 6 minutes since midday.

3. Convert hours to military time

11:06 pm is after midday so we simply take our hours since midday (11) and add 12 to get the military time in hours. That means the military time in hours is 23.

4. Combine the hours and the minutes

The military time in minutes is the number of minutes calculated in step two which is 6, and then converted to two digits, 06. Military time is given as four digits with the hours first, so the military time for 11:06 pm is 2306.

What Time is 11:06 PM in Military Time?

The military time for 11:06 pm is 2306. In some situations you may also need to state the military time zone. If you are stating the time in your local time zone the full military time for 11:06 pm would be 2306J (J for Juliet). More commonly the time is quoted as 2306Z (Z for Zulu) which indicates 11:06 pm in the UTC time zone.

How do you say 11:06 PM in Military Time?

When you are saying 11:06 pm in military time you should state the digits 2306 as twenty three zero siz hours. In some cases it is not necessary to finish the message with hours. If it is recommend to observe a military time zone you might say 2306Z as twenty three zero siz hours Zulu time or simply twenty three zero siz Zulu.

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